General terms and Conditions

§1 General scope:

The following general terms and conditions apply to all business relationships between:

Light of Dance

Ilja Petrov
To Hollergund 14
76661 Philippsburg

and the customer. The version valid at the time the contract is concluded is decisive.


§2 contract conditions

With the conclusion of the contract or a written decision, you have a 14-day period to request a free cancellation of your booking. In exceptional cases such as a short-term booking, i.e. 31 days before the date, all deadlines are overridden. After this period, all agreed services are contractually specified and can only be changed after consultation. It can lead to additional costs. Otherwise, all other modalities of service provision will be discussed personally between the parties in good time before the performance date.


§3 payment

All prices given in the offer are set as net prices. Added to this is a statutory VAT of 19%. The type of payment is discussed individually. Payment is generally made after the performance or within a maximum of 10 days to the business account of  Light of Dance. If this does not happen, legal measures will be taken according to German law. In exceptional cases, a deposit is required before the appointmentand this will not be refunded in the case of a cancellation.


§4 withdrawal

If the client intends to withdraw from this contract, this is only permitted in text form (letter, fax or email). The decisive factor is the time of receipt of the cancellation notice at  Light of Dance. After the 14-day period has expired, a free cancellation is not possible. In the event of withdrawal by the client,  Light of Dance is entitled to demand appropriate compensation (lump sum), taking into account the usually saved expenses and the otherwise usually possible purchase. The reason for this is that preparations for the order are made shortly after the booking. This includes constant rehearsals, team building and preparing the costumes. In some cases, this even involves making new costumes. Unless otherwise agreed in individual cases, Light of Dance uses the flat-rate calculation of compensation as follows:

In case of withdrawal two weeks after placing the order 50%,

in the event of cancellation one month before the performance date, 80%,

in case of cancellation less than a month before the event date 90%

of the agreed contract price.

If the performance fails without the contract being declared legally effective, the obligation to pay the contract price remains.If the appointment is postponed, an individual agreement will be made depending on the effort.

Please note:
If the event is not allowed to take place due external factors, we will offer you a rescheduled date. However, when choosing a new date, you must choose a date when we are available and do not have another show already booked. However, if you do not pay attention to our schedule and reschedule the event on your new desired date, even though a show of ours is not available for booking, you will be charged the full cancellation fees, as for a cancellation, and any deposits will not be refunded. The same applies to a complete cancellation of the event.

In the case of the new date selection, price changes may also be made from our point of view, if necessary. We ask for your understanding!

Should we, Light of Dance, have to give you a cancellation at short notice due to unplanned complications, all costs, such as the hotel booked for the day or any previous rescheduling fees for a rescheduled date will not be refunded.


We are at your disposal for any further questions.