Gatsby show

With its costumes, Light of Dance has often made time travel no matter what era. With the new appearance of the Gatsby Show, Light of Dance seduces you and your guests into the 1930s, the time of the great Gatsby.

With a costume that is based on classic gala dresses from the 30s, in conjunction with a song that is performed in the same style. We’re talking about A little Party never killed nobody by Fergie. All together in perfect cooperation , it lets you and your audience dive right into a party at the time of the great Gatsby. In this dance the existing dress is spiced up with LED technology and is the perfect party maker. In combination with the music you just want to get on the dance floor and dance until you drop. At the customer’s request, we orientated ourselves specifically to this style, since something like this has been requested many times and we found it very interesting to combine such an iconic style with LEDs.

As you have probably seen on our last costumes, Light of Dance started to experiment. Take a classic, yet popular style and mix it with the latest LED technology. We have already done this process with this costume, namely with Red Diamond. Therefore, there is the opportunity to combine Red Diamond with the new dance Gatsby Show, which in turn gives new opportunities in the design of the event. In summary, Gatsby Show Dance is the perfect mood generator, but unlike some other dances it has a lot of power and has the perfect 30s party vibe.

This dance is recommended as a transition from the official part of the event to the party. We also recommend booking 4 or more dancers for this dance. And maybe the next Gatsby Show will take place with them.