Are you interested in our LED show but you don’t have the right excitement for your event? With our further developed form of the LED Cyborg, namely our LED Venus, you have hit the bull’s eye. No matter which event, be it a wedding, birthday or gala dinner, the LED Venus dance will thrill your audience and guests throughout the dance in tension, curiosity and wonder.

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If you start with our LED cyborg, the LED Venus dance would be perfect as a connector. You start with a varied dance that alternates continuously between a dynamic choreography with slow parts. With a smooth transition, the choreography changes into a very intense and rapid atmosphere that captivates every spectator and grabs him with curiosity for the next moment. Our recommendation would be to book this dance with at least 5 dancers, so that you and of course your guests get the perfect Venus feeling. Because such a feeling can only be created by the perfect combination of light and dance, which guarantees LED Show Light of Dance.

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One reason for this is that Light of Dance is one of the first companies to actively focus on the connection between light and dance and to offer LED show acts.As a result, we are technically and in terms of the size of the selection of LED dance performances superior to other companies in the same area. We can tell them that all of our guests have always been satisfied so far and that our performances have always been remembered by our guests. We promise that you and your guests will never forget our LED appearances. If that hasn’t convinced you yet, check out our videos and photos on YouTube and Instagram. If you have any further questions regarding our LED show, we will be happy to advise you and help you to design the perfect plan for your event.

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