Roll the music and rock the house. That is the motto of our brand new appearance “Ecstasy”. This time Light of Dance decided to keep away from the classic or modern style, but finally to combine something rocky with the LED costumes.

This resulted in a dance with devilishly handsome girls, an exceptionally elegant LED costume and a choreo that was adapted differently to the song High Way to Hell by AC / DC. With the elegant, rocking outfits, which due to their special lighting in places where we have never used the lighting, the particularly large hat that exudes something mysterious and the specially selected bodysuits, which are covered with their hundreds of gemstones and when you drive over To give a special shine, Light of Dance hit the bull’s eye here.

After this performance everyone will feel like they are at a live AC / DC concert and the dance floor will be filled like never before. Just like the real drug ecstasy, this dance is the perfect mood enhancer for any celebration. Light of Dance started to experiment. Instead of always the same slow or even faster dances, now officially in Germany, history is made with rock and light. But what makes this mixture of rock and LED so special? Thats is quite easy! Nobody connects LED to motorcycles or rock. But we do! As is often the case, Light of Dance has developed something completely new that nobody could expect in this direction. If she hasn’t convinced you yet, you should definitely watch the video of this dance and see for yourself. If you are interested, please feel free to contact us. We will advise you professionally and in the end put together the perfect plan for you, so that you and of course your guests are extremely impressed.