Like any professional company, we have certain minimum requirements for our performances. To create a better effect, we recommend to book the shows from 4 dancers on. Of course, we need a certain amount of floor space for this. For performances with larger costumes like avatar, wings or fans we need a dance floor with the optimal dimensions of about 10m² per dancer, corresponds to the booking of 4 dancers – 40m² (8×5; WxD), in order to present your guests the perfect picture. If your dance floor does not correspond to our optimal dimensions, please contact us personally.

Summary of important factors to consider:

  • Dance floor

All performances must take place on solid ground, no grass. Some performances that take place outside and do not have a stage are also possible on cobblestone and brick floors. By arrangement, dancing on sand is also possible.

As already mentioned, the optimal size for the dance floor is about 10m² per dancer. It concerns however only performances, which have large costumes and/or large span width. This includes: LED Wings Show, avatar, fan dance, flag dance, Venus, cyborg and compass rose. The ceiling height must also be taken into account here (at least 2.7 m height). For other shows such as Samba Show, Angels, Red Diamond, Gatsby Show, Waterloo, Arabian Night, Kalinka and Ecstasy can also be danced by four people on an area of 20-25m² (6×4; WxD). Because the optimal sizes are not always available, there have been many exceptions. For this reason, we ask you to contact us personally.

  • Location

No special lighting is needed for optimal presentation, vice versa, it simply has to be dark. Remember that additional light will enhance the LED appearance

…will prevent it. If it is not completely possible, please contact us directly.

Small or weak light sources like candles or table decoration with Led lights will not be a problem.

  • Sound system

The sound system must be provided by the organizer and should be appropriate for the size of the location. Remember also that the volume of the music must be loud according to the location. To make sure that everything runs smoothly with the music, we will send it in advance to the person in charge by mail.

  • Changing room

According to the number of dancers booked and if the performances take place outside, the room must be hearable. 4 dancers are recommended to use a dressing room of approx. 20m².

Please note that the dancers need 10 – 20 minutes after each performance to prepare for the next performance.

  • parking lot

Please note that a parking space must also be provided as close as possible to the location.  If there are additional costs, such as fees for parking at the location, these will be charged.

  • Your stay

We usually arrive about an hour before the first performance. On arrival we don’t need any extra rehearsal on the dance floor, one look at it is enough. With a standard booking of 2-3 performances, the performances must take place within a maximum of 2 hours. If it is not possible, please contact us.

The time for the last performance will always be determined personally, depending on the distance.

Should an overnight stay be arranged, the organizer must provide a hotel with breakfast. If there are additional costs, such as fees for parking at the hotel, these will be charged.

For foreign performances, the costs for vignettes and tolls will also be invoiced.

The catering for the dancers will be arranged individually depending on the situation, but for performances which are already booked with a hotel, a meal in the evening must be provided by the organizer.

  • Photos and Videos

In general, photos and videos of our performances are allowed.

IMPORTANT: The recordings must be made without flashes or additional spotlights for photo and video recording. Otherwise it will hinder the performance.

For all further questions please contact us by phone +49 17664035485 or pair mail info@light-of-dance.com.



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