Light of Dance has always been courageous in experimenting. And the spectators were enthusiastic about it every time. This time we decided to make a completely new dance out of already well known objects. Our LED veil fan dance was always a highlight for the guests, but unfortunately we didn’t have much freedom to experiment or add new movements due to the large span of the hoop skirts. Therefore we thought about how to change this.

Of course the old veil fan costume and its performance remains, but for this new creation, we stole his fans. All that was missing was a matching body. Of course only one choice came into question for us. The Cyborg Body. A modern new creation. Diva. Why the name? This name describes the first reaction to the costume. The attitude, the mood, everything very…arrogant and tense, but also majestic. Typical Diva. This time with enough room for any new presentation of the fans. And that was exactly our goal. To put our well-known fans in a new, modern light. Therefore the choice of the Cyborg Body. In addition to a relatively new song by Ava Max, King and Queen, we had the perfect combination of dynamic costume and energetic music.

So it was possible to make not only slow, relatively monotonous movements with the veil fans, but also numerous, further possibilities to creatively integrate them and especially to give a completely new perspective on this, but also other performances of Light of Dance. Because there are many other possibilities to combine our older elements with newer ones. This not only provides more variety, but also more creativity in Light of Dance, which has been a trademark of ours since 2015.