Light of Dance is a unique, breathtaking show in Germany with LED costumes. With professional skill and imaginative costumes with LED lighting, the LED show ballet “Light of Dance” regularly provides astounding wow effects that you will not soon forget! A skillful mixture of classical dance and modern entertainment always offers something new and exciting.

If you also want to immerse yourself in the world of light dance and want to offer your guests this top-class highlight, there are various options available to you. All performances of the LED Show Ballet “Light of Dance inspire with the breathtaking combination of dance and LED technical perfection.

Light of Dance is directed by Nadja and Ilja Petrov. We develop, produce and design the costumes ourselves and set up the choreo for each individual performance ourselves. In 2015 we developed the first costume. This should only be a small extra to our former music and show company, with which we have been traveling since 2003. And because this extra was very well received by our customers, it quickly became two.

In 2017 we noticed that this idea, this project is really in demand and from the end of 2017 we focused very much on the further development of these costumes. The costumes have been made more complex, the LED technology has evolved, the conditions to join our team have become stricter. We didn’t just want to be a good LED ballet show, we wanted to be the best. This is characterized by many criteria of professionalism. It concerns perfectionism in the technique of Led costumes, in dance, art and a harmonious connection of everything. And as in every company, this includes certain criteria for achieving these goals. Therefor we wanted to give you some “Behind the Scenes” information. The Light of Dance team not only tries to perfect and further develop the LED costumes, we are also constantly working to prepare ourselves perfectly for every performance. Of course, we also attach great importance to a professional appearance, which is also one of the important criteria for us. We train, perfect and synchronize our performances for every performance so that we are regularly well prepared.

Of course, we have already achieved a lot with the Light of Dance project. In 2018 we became Artist of the Year in the Golden Artist Magazine. Later we also became Artist of the Year 2018 in Switzerland. Today we drive to a wide variety of events in a wide variety of regions. From a company anniversary in Stuttgart to a big gala dinner in Berlin. But we are not only active in Germany. We have already been booked to France, Switzerland and Luxembourg and the demand for our show is growing.

In 2019 we had an interview at Eventpeppers, one of the most famous event portals, when we were crowned Artist of the Week. And if you are even more interested in our project, you are welcome to read the entire interview. Questions are also answered there that have not been answered here.

1. Hello Nadja! How did the idea come about to connect dance with LEDs?

We are not new to this area “Show” and have been on the road for a very long time with our Music & Show Management. It was mostly the weddings that we organized and held. Very often we have received requests from our customers for a special highlight. And because we wanted to inspire our customers, we decided to organize something like this ourselves. We looked for different ideas and it quickly became clear to us that it had to be the LED costumes. We wanted to represent what has not been seen before. And 3 years ago we took the first step.

2. You are a group of professional dancers – how did you come to ‘Light of Dance’?

This is how our project, which we developed with my husband, LED Show Ballett, was born. But of course we couldn’t do it alone and needed dancers. We started with 2 dancers and currently have a total of 11 professionally trained as well as hobby dancers who used to take dance lessons. During our development, we have long searched for a name that would combine light and dance. And one day in April 2017 I had a brainstorm and I got the idea “Dance of Light” and my husband immediately corrected me to “Light of Dance” and it was clear to us: That’s it!

3. They offer different shows, from Samba to an LED robot. Based on experience, what is most popular with the audience?

Within these 3 years we have performed many different performances and so far the “Avatar” dance has remained unbeaten. That is why it is our business card.

4. Your shows also delight with their elaborate costumes. Where do you get the ideas from and who makes them?

We design and produce all costumes ourselves. Where we started with this idea, we looked for the opportunity to buy the costumes somewhere. But immediately we encountered two problems: 1. What we imagined was not for sale and 2. What was for sale was very expensive and did not really convince us. So we had to think and look for all the information on how we can do it ourselves. And 3 years ago our first LED costume / LED robot was shown and now we have almost 80 different LED costumes. What struck us in these 3 years is that the LED costumes are very complex and therefore need special care. There is wiring and contacts everywhere, which can break off due to transport and dancing. Because of this, knowing how it works to fix it is a huge benefit.

5. Dancing in the dark with a long dress – has there ever been a small breakdown during a performance?

Of course, one does not like to talk about such a topic, but since we carefully review our costumes 1-2 days before the performance and take replacement costumes with us if possible, because we have this 6-10-fold available for every performance to avoid major glitches. So far it has worked perfectly and of course we hope that this will continue