Walking Acts

There are different types of events. Are they simple company celebrations or elegant evening galas with a fixed dress code. Light of Dance offers a variety of different show acts with a variety of costumes for every kind of event.

However, there are sometimes events for which such an LED show would fit well, but unfortunately there is not enough space or time. Be it an outlet center where there is no good gathering point or a foyer in a hall where there is simply not enough space to dance.

Light of Dance now offers LED Walking Acts for such events. The dancers put on a costume of their choice and run across the location. There is no choreo for such a walking act, so you have a lot more options when choosing as a customer. The Wertheim Village Outlet Center, for example, has booked our walking acts several times. The dancers put on the costume, music is turned on and the dancers walk across the outlet center, swing a little with the wings etc. and also stop when visitors want to take photos.

Such walking acts usually last from around 10-15 minutes and can of course be booked as often as required per event with any number of dancers. Another advantage of walking acts to normal LED dance shows is that walking acts can usually take place anywhere. For example, they will also be gladly booked for a reception in the foyer in a hall. There guests can chat and take photos with the dancers at any time. From our own experience we can say that numerous photos are taken again and again, it is very well received. You can contact us at any time so that we can help you with questions, such as walking acts with a dance or just one of them, or of course to create your personal program. Below you will find a few more videos of how walking acts usually take place.